City Schema

The world is experiencing a period of extreme urbanization. In the future, cities are expected to account for nearly 90% of global population growth, 80% of wealth creation, and 60% of total energy consumption. Thus, developing better strategies for the creation of new “Smarter Cities” is a global imperative. Our need to improve our understanding of cities is pressed not only by the social relevance of urban environments but also by the availability of new strategies for city-scale interventions that are enabled by emerging technologies. Our proposition is that the livability and economic vitality of cities can be significantly improved while, at the same time, resource consumption is dramatically reduced. We believe that a new model for livable, high-performance, resilient cities is achievable through the integrated application of next-generation design strategies, innovative technology, and enlightened public policy. As demands grow and budgets tighten, solutions also have to be smarter. City schema aims to design a tool for building good cities as a rise in competition witnessed between cities to secure investment and to attract and retain the businesses and people needed for economic success. In this project, we plan to develop simulations for the complex systems of city infrastructures as a system of systems (networks) simulating the behaviors of these systems and their inter-dependencies as well as assist stakeholders in predicting future scenarios.