Revolutionizing Logistics: The Synergy of Smart Technologies, Robotics, and AI

In today’s interconnected world, optimizing efficiency, accuracy, and productivity in logistics is paramount. This project aims to revolutionize this domain by harnessing the power of smart logistics.

The current focus of the project is four-folded. The potential of symbolic regression and its applications to statistics will be explored, providing us with profound insights and helping us make better data-driven decisions. Advanced human motion prediction algorithms will be developed for a harmonious and efficient workflow to ensure seamless interactions between robots and human beings. Real-time planning will boost the ability of robot dynamic reaction. Lastly, we also aim to develop a general relevance identification framework for more efficient and accurate algorithms. By integrating these components, we endeavor to shape a future where logistics operations are more intelligent, agile, and effective, providing substantial value to stakeholders and customers alike.